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Client list Since 1998 we have worked with an extensive range of organisations.

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Training You will be working with sympathetic trainers who will share their accumulated experience with you.

We will be working with you to achieve serious outcomes, but we believe that you are entitled to enjoy a little fun along the way. Course materials will be provided and our trainers will be available for follow up contact.

Our training covers a number of themes and is presented in modules which can stand alone or be delivered with other modules as integrated packages, depending on the client’s training needs.

The training can be one to one, in small groups or larger groups. We can deliver the following range of modules:

Developing a Sustainable Fundraising Strategy

  • defining organisational goals
  • learning how to set strategic fundraising goals
  • meeting fundraising challenges and exploiting opportunities
  • measuring and increasing fundraising capacity

Effective Fundraising

  • sources of support
  • how to find them
  • managing fundraising approaches
Small Groups
How to Raise Money from Trusts & Foundations

  • identifying sources for researching trusts
  • how to research, identify and profile potential funders from these sources
  • knowing the background, nature, environment and structure of trusts
  • learning how to interpret guidelines and criteria
  • how to build a fundraising case for support, matching projects’ needs
  • how to plan and prioritise a schedule of approaches to identified trusts
  • putting together a fundable proposal using a structure and tested methods and principles
Developing Corporate Support

  • identify potential partners
  • understand the key characteristics of corporate fundraising
  • learn how to make an approach to a corporate and maintain a relationship
Effective Communication using the different communication disciplines of:

  • Media liaison
  • Public Relations
  • Public Affairs
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
One to One

  • how to plan and deliver a PR and marketing campaign
  • writing press releases, organising photocalls and running a press conference
  • getting to know your media
  • advertising on a budget
  • how to campaign and lobby
Writing successful applications and proposals:

  • how to express your purpose clearly and powerfully
  • how to use plain English, avoiding jargon or ‘industry speak’
  • the most effective ways to present your work
  • the elements that establish your project's credibility
  • how to create and present proposal budgets
  • how to shape applications and proposals that are individually tailored to the interests of individual donors, trusts, foundations and corporations
  • how to create promotional material and websites
We can also offer stand alone modules or courses containing packages of modules dealing with staff development and managing well. Including:

  • training the trainer
  • developing a career portfolio
  • setting realistic goals and breaking down barriers
  • making change happen
  • building a happy team
  • crisis management
  • managing time
  • performance management
  • running meetings
  • effective appraisal
  • presentation skills
  • getting the right staff
  • balancing work and life
Larger Groups
Working together, we’ll share your commitment and help you achieve your goals.
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